Hello Everyone!

First and foremost, thank you so much for coming to view my blog sale!

Now lets get to business!
- all products come from a smoke free/pet free home and I am meticulous about cleanliness and storage of my products
- all products are priced in USD
- Shipping fee starts at $3.50 and could increase depending upon weight and size. I prefer to ship in flat rate boxes as they come with tracking but if you prefer cheaper, that is your choice!
-paypal fees added to total
- please EMAIL ME at (yes, 3 t's) for purchase inquiries for a quick response. My MUA name is berryblusher so you can also feel free to contact me
- minimum purchase is $35 
- US Shipping preferred. Outside US is completely at your risk and I will not be refunding lost packages outside of US
- I will be using paypal only and there are NO returns
- and MOST importantly, you better have fun while you are here!!


I have already significantly discounted pretty much everything, most of which is brand new. Please be conscientious of that when asking to negotiate when i feel as though i had really discounted a lot of these items. Thank you so much for being here :)

3.3 FL of BN Byredo $160 EACH
Black Saffron
Bal D'Afrique
La Tulipe 

All testers come in plastic cases and are excellent for palettes!
Nars Tester Blush all BN 
Sex Appeal, Torrid, Taj Mahal
Orgasm, Unlawful, Sin 
$18 each

Nars Tester Blush all BN
Miss Liberty $25
Isadora & Impassioned $30 and $20

Nars Single Tester e/s 
New York, Ashes to Ashes, Cyprus, Biarritz 
Bengali, Bali, Blondie, D Gorgeous 
Fez, Mekong, Galapagos, Nepal
EACH $15

Nars Tester Duos all BN 
Cordura & Silk Road 
EACH $20

Nars Tester e/s Duos all BN
Jolie Poupee & Key Largo
Hula Hula & Mad Mad World 
EACH $20

Nars Dual Intensity e/s BN
Cressida, Cassiopeia, Telesto
Himalia, Dione, Giove

BN Nars Translucent and Desert Loose Powder $24 Each 
Mountain used 1x $20

 Nars Used 1x Big Boys Dont cry $26
Nars LE BNIB Tribulation $26

By Terry BN Blush EACH $35
Platonic Blonde #1 &Terribly Rose de Rose 
Flash Fiesta #2 & Bohemian Flirt #6

YSL #10($20), Nars Dual Intensity Blush Panic($25), Nars Casino ($20)

CDP #307 e/s, CDP #103 Blush, Guerlain 04 Les Bois De Rose
 EACH $25

 Givenchy ALL BN
Elegant Honey #5 and Elegant Gold #6
Pastel Tulle 81, Beige Mousseline 84, Toffee Taffeta 86
EACH $26

Givenchy BN 
00 moonlight (not pictured)
EACH $26

All UD e/s BNIB AND $10 EACH
mushroom, desperation, sephyr, haight
asphyxia, oil slick, twice baked, intergalactic
polyester bride, pistol, snatch, gunmetal

heartless, mildew, freelove, pistol
foxy, acdc, abc gum, vanilla
woodstock, omen, psychedelic sister, kush

uncut, buck
radium, darkhorse, scratch

Chantecaille LE BNIB Lion Palette $90

Chantecaille LE palettes BO 
Wild Horses Swatched 1x
Save the bees Swatched 1x
BN Sylvie Paltte
BN Tiger in the Wild 

 BN Chantecaille LE Shark Palette 

Chantecaille Palette D'Olivia BN
(one or two colors slight scratch but impeccable condition)

BNIB Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara $45
Just Skin Tinted BN Alabaster $40
Just Skin Tinted BN Bliss $40
Just Skin Tinted BN Tan $40
Just Skin Tinted BN Wheat $40
BNIB Bio Lift + Cream $195
BNIB Stress Repair Concentrate $95
Light and Subtle Loose Powder $40 EACH
LE Victoria Beckham Java Sun Bronzer BNIB $70
LE Morning Aura Illuminating Cream used 1x $80

BN Serge Lutens levres en boite 
#1, #3, #2
$95 EACH

 BN Serge Luten e/s Palettes $95 EACH

KA celestial skin in sunlight BNIB $30
KA etherealist in 06 & 07 swatched 1x $30 EACH
Tom Ford traceless Fdtn Stick 08 caramel & 04 bisque BNIB $45 EACH

GA 7.5 Power Fabric used 2x $45
CDP Radiant Fluid Foundation 040 used 2x $70
By Terry 01 and 04 CC lumi serum swatched 2x $65 EACH
By Terry Tea for Tan swatched 1x $40

Tom Ford BNIB Nude Dip $70
Tom Ford BNIB Emerald Lust LE $80
Tom Ford Narcissist BNIB LE $60

Givenchy Rouge Interdit #5 nude in the dark (swatched 1x) $20
BNIB Hourglass Femme Rouge in ICON $35
MAC LE toxic tale (swatched 1x) and innocence beware!
BNIB Lipstick queen mornin' sunshine $14

 Nars Lipsticks 
all BN
janet, dominique, sandra and annabella
all swatched 1x
anna, silvia, sandra, rita and janet

Givenchy liner 08 parme silhouette swatched 1x $15
BN MAC whirl $15
MAC bad girl ri ri and pleasure bomb swatched 1x $40 EACH
MAC moxie swatched 1x

MAC vegas volt and lady danger BN 

Chantecaille future skin:
ivory, shea and nude all 95% full (if not more) $45 EACH
chanel le blanc 95% full $32
le blanc de chanel 95% full $34
Hourglass fdtn sticks:
espresso, chestnut and walnut swatched 1x (awesome contour)
golden (swatched 1x) 
golden tan 95% left 

$30 EACH
 Hourglass Vanish Sticks 
Light Beige, Buff and Honey swatched 2x $30
Sand 90% left (if not more) $26
Givenchy Photoperfexion in Perfect Gold and Perfect pecan $30 EACH 
used 1x each

BN Givenchy Prisme Libre 1, 2 & Universal SHADE $25

KA palette #1 BN $30
Dior 390 Mystic Jade BN/swatched 1x $45

YSL e/s Palettes $22 EACH

Chanel Singles 

Hourglass Ambient Palette Swatched 2x $50
Hourglass BN Infinity e/s Palette $33

KA Diaphanous powder used 1x $40
Givenchy Trans powder BN $30
KA BN Tropical Nights Bronzer $22

Iphone 6 Plus $320